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Hankering for some delicious comfort food while strolling around Boston? I highly recommend:

10 Bosworth Street
Boston, MA 02113

So far, each time I’ve visited, I’ve managed to pass it by. Why? Because it’s tucked away on the seemingly invisible Bosworth Street. We had friends in town–the infamous get naked weekend–and Jake looked up restaurants in the area on Yelp. He came across this place and we took a cab ride over on a pouring rain evening in Boston. I just had dinner with a friend here last week and feel the need to lament my disappointment at finding my beloved beet salad was altered.

The place is off of Tremont–bang a hard right after you hit the Beantown Pub and walk down the pseudo side-street and it’s on the right hand side. Sit upstairs. They offer an array of Prohibition Era cocktails and their wine list is good too. I ordered my beets, a.k.a. a beet salad with goat cheese, candied walnuts, greens and aged balsamic.However, when I returned last week, the chef had changed it. Instead of the bountiful array of greens and beets, he piled it in a small, round, circular shape. The goat cheese was sandwiched in-between perforated cut square pieces of beets. I didn’t like the presentation or the mix of textures. It seemed more gooey and less greens. Don’t change it up if it’s perfect as it is! I hope they revert back to the original layout and portions.

Despite that disappointment, I have to say that their raw menu is yummy and fresh and affordable with oysters being $2.75 a pop and clams $1.75. Make it between 4 and 6 p.m. and they’re a buck each–not bad.

You get sides of garlic, cocktail sauce but I don’t remember horseradish–but delicious just the same.

I ordered the mussels in garlic wine sauce appetizer instead of an entrée and it was cooked well. They bring you bread and I can barrel through an entire basket. It’s a thin foccacia-type bread with a slightly salty/buttery crust. Soooooo yummy!

The first time we went, Zoe ordered their truffle mac and cheese. It was good but the truffles didn’t add much flavor to the overall dish. We both agreed it would have been better to integrate the truffles into the sauce, as opposed to slicing pieces on the top. With or without truffles, it was velvety and perfect for a cold, rainy night.

We got a simple burger with cheddar. The fries were good and the bun was fluffy and soft. It was cooked well and overall, a good burger but nothing to write home about. Meanwhile, the Sunday Gravy, comprised of San Marzano tomatoes, lamb, pork and beef was a definite crowd pleaser and gut buster. It was just packed full of stuff. We all cleaned our plates though and split a brownie sunday between the five of us.

This is definitely a go-to place when I’m in the mood for comfort food that’s a 10 minute walk away. I still haven’t delved into their cocktail menu but plan on it in the future. I find it hard to believe they don’t have some kind of signage around the area to let people know the place exists! I wouldn’t say it’s completely hidden as I’ve always seen a good number of people gathered upstairs. It seems to be a crowd favorite for larger parties. Delicious.

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